Leica Super-Elmar-R 15m f/3.5 MF 3 Cam Lens 

Serial #3004362 - Made in Germany

Production Year: 1979



This is a 3 Cam R mount Lens, which should fully work on Leicaflex, Leicaflex SL, Leicaflex SL2, Leica R 3 to R 7 and R8/R9 without ROM functions, “Automatic Exposure Control”.

This lens will work with all Leica M Range film cameras, film or digital like M10/M240,  most mirrorless/SLRs cameras,  and  cinema/motion camera systems with a proper adapter. (i.e. Sony, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Alexa, BMD, Red etc.)


We make no guarantees about usability of this lens on any system other than Leica R Series Cameras. Please do your own research if you plan to use this lens on non-Leica system with an adapter before you commit to buy.  An improper adapter may cause extensive damage to the lens.

WARNING:  If you plan to use this lens on your DSLR camera, your extra caution is required.  Hold the lens barrel, not FOCUSING RING while you try to attach it to an adapter or to your camera mount, otherwise, the FOCUSING RING might be snapped off, resulting in damage, which will cost you about $350.00 to have it repaired.  Please note that the buyer is responsible for the damage repair if this happens. The Focusing ring is clearly described as being in working condition when the lens is listed.



Leica Front Lens Cap 14294

Leica Rear Lens Cap 14162

Built-In Filter Ring with UVa, BI, Y and OR filters




OPTICS:  The internal elements are examined  by holding the lens to a lamp with a high power halogen bulb.  When you inspect the lens optics, please use a bright light source, like Halogen or High Intense Light source. Please DO NOT use a flashlight because scratches/marks on the flashlight glass reflect through the lens elements you are inspecting, resulting in inaccurate inspection.

Front Lens Glass: * No signs of scratches, cleaning marks, or any coating flaws

Rear Lens Glass:  No signs of scratches, cleaning marks, or any coating flaws. 

Internal Elements:  No signs of fungus/hazing/separation/fogging/smudges/cleaning marks are noted.

Microscopic Dust: A+ 

Microscopic Fiber/Particles: A+ 

Microscopic Stray Hairlines: A+ 

Microscopic Black Specks: A+

Microscopic Scratches: A+





Focusing Movement: Smooth with proper resistance. No Plays    

Aperture Ring:  Diaphragm stops correctly  and snappy.

Diaphragm  Blades:  Free from oil

Built-In Lens Hood Extends/Retracts:   Smooth 


Leica Super-Elmar-R 15mm f/3.5 MF 3 Cam Lens #3004362

SKU: R15-3004362
  • OVERALL OPTICS: Pristine  Near Pristine  Superb  Excellent+  Excellent Good

    Internal Microscopic Dust/Fiber Level:   *Some brand new lenses may occasionally have a slight amount of micro dust visible inside the lens elements. This is a result of the manufacturing process and will not affect image quality or resolution.  As a result, previously owned lenses like this one will generally exhibit the same consistence.
    A+ (Faint detectable amount, if any:)

    A ( Minimal Amount: Will not affect any image quality.)

    AB ( Some Amount: Will not affect any image quality.)

    B (Moderate Amount: Will not affect any image quality.)

    C ( Normal Amount: Will not affect any image quality.)

    Difference between Scratch and Cleaning Marks on Glasses

    *Scratch on the Glass of a lens: You can feel when you gently run a fingernail across it. A scratch mark if it is deep enough may affect image quality.

    *Hairline/cleaning marks on the Glass of a lens: It is only on the coating and cannot be felt. They will not refract light and won’t affect any image quality.

    COSMETICS:  Grading is based on level of signs of use and wear for brassing, blemishes, scuffs, paint chips, scratches, dents, ding, etc. on each item.


    New /Others ( 99-100% No issues)

    • 99% ( Pre-owned good as displaying virtually no imperfections.).
    • Mint  (98% Pre-owned good as displaying extremely minimal and insignificant signs of use and wear. )

    Excellent++ (97% Pre-owned good as displaying very little and insignificant signs of use and wear.)

    Excellent+ ( 95-96% Pre-owned good as displaying a little and insignificant signs of use and wear.)

    Excellent ( 90-94% Pre-owned good as displaying minor and insignificant signs of use and wear.)

    Good ( 85-89% Pre-owned good as displaying normal signs of use and wear.)

    Fair ( 80-85% Pre-owned good as displaying moderate signs of use and wear.)

    Well Used ( 79% below Pre-owned good as displaying well used signs of use and wear. )