Who is encore camera?

Your Source for Pre-Owned Leica Camera lenses

Encore Camera Gear L.L.C. is a mail order camera gear company, specializing in pre-owned Leica cameras, M and R series lenses, and accessories. We offer the best selection, quality and prices to many photographers and video/cinematographers worldwide.

Coupled with our eBay Store, “encorecamera” (formerly leicagreatbuy), which has been in business since 2003, we have received the highest feedback for our excellent customer service, fast domestic and international shipping, professional consultation and return policy.

We work hard to maintain our reputation for quality and attention to detail.

Our mission is to create enduring business relationships with our valued customers through great communication and offering high quality products at a reasonable price to meet specifications desired by each and every customer.

Our strength is honesty, sincerity, and outstanding service.

All inventory is stored in a dry, climate controlled, smoke free environment.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or inquiries of any kind.


Our Process

Since the item is not available for your physical inspection, it is our policy to offer you detailed descriptions of each item and up-load up to 12 photo images, taken from various angles. These photos are not altered nor modified by any means. Please take your time in reading the descriptions and examine the images carefully. Although we have tried to describe the item as accurately as possible, we might have missed something that may be important to you. Thus, you are highly encouraged to ask any questions before your final commitment to buy.
For us to provide you with a sense of security and confidence, we undergo a rigorous quality assurance inspection of every item.


How We Inspect

  1. Before we acquire an item, we ask a seller for detail descriptions in optical, cosmetic, and technical conditions if the seller’s descriptions are very brief and limited.
  2. Upon receipt of an item, we carefully inspect the item to make sure that the item is in the same condition as described by a seller.
  3. When the item is ready to be listed in our eBay store and our website, we again inspect the item to make sure that the item is ready to be listed with detail descriptions. The list price is determined based on the condition of the item.
  4. When an item is sold and paid, we make a final inspection of the item to ensure that the item is in the same condition as we have described before packing. After a final inspection is made, we will prepare an invoice, which includes the final inspection report.



As part of the preparation for shipment, the focusing and aperture ring movement will be recorded to ensure their proper functions. This recording is our assurance that the product we are shipping out is 100% as described when it leaves our facility. In the event we find any discrepancies before packing the item, we will notify the buyer of discrepancies and offer options.
  • We will cancel your purchase and issue a full refund if you are no longer interested in the item.
  • We will offer you a replacement lens with equal or higher value if a buyer prefers to this option.


Our Promise

We have tried our best to describe an item as accurately as possible, however, this may not align with what is important to you.

Please feel free to CONTACT US if there are any questions before you commit to purchase.

Your understanding and acceptance of this policy is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes in your search!!!

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