LEICA Elmarit-R 24mm f/2.8 MF 3 Cam Lens Boxed #3328685 MINT

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Designed for SRL Leica R cameras, the Elmarit-R 24mm f/2.8 lens is a superb wide-angle fast lens with a large angle of view, relatively high speed, and excellent imaging performance, even at full aperture. The perfect lens for accurate shots in tight spaces, it creates impressive images with extraordinary perspectives, but without the impression that a super-wide-angle lens was used. Leica R series lenses are known for their pinpoint sharpness and exceptional brilliance without flare and are designed with high-quality glass made according to specific Leica formulas. As with all R-series lenses, the 24mm f/2.8 features the legendary Leica optical design, optimized broad-band coating, and scrupulous care in production plus it can be used without worry in temperatures ranging from -25 to +60 degrees Celsius.




This is a pre-owned and/or vintage item, so if you are looking for an item free from any flaws, optically, cosmetically and mechanically, please consider that this item may not be for you.    Also, we cannot provide the history of use, storage, handling, or repair for this item.

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