LEICA Super-Angulon-R 21mm f/4 MF 3 Cam lens #2613335

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LEICA Super-Angulon-R 21mm f/4 MF 3 Cam lens #2613335

A new addition to the Leicaflex system is the 21mm Super-Angulon-R f/4 lens, whose retrofocus(reverse telephoto) design permits viewing and focusing on the camera’s groundglass.

The new 10-element lens has a back focus which permits the camera’s mirror to operate normally, thus allowing more creative use of the extreme wide-angle (90°) lens through direct focusing and composition. Also, thanks to the retrofocus design, more even illumination of the image plane is possible than is the case with more conventional lens formulas.

The 21mm Super-Angulon-R has apertures from f/4 to f/22, and focuses from infinity to eight inches. Its mount has a combined feet/meters scale and a depth of field scale. A special clip-on rectangular lens hood which holds the 75mm (Series VIII 1/2) filters in place is provided for the new lens.


This is a pre-owned and/or vintage item, so if you are looking for an item free from any flaws, optically, cosmetically and mechanically, please consider that this item may not be for you.    Also, we cannot provide the history of use, storage, handling, or repair for this item.

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